10 Best APJ Abdul Kalam Books That Inspire Nation Youth

APJ Abdul Kalam books

APJ Abdul Kalam Books are certainly very famous not only accross India, but also around the globe. The ‘Missile Man of India’, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has left his impression on the minds of every individual. From a simple boy to the President of India, his journey is one of a kind.

His utmost contributions in the field of science and technology made him become one of the most influential people around the world. He is an inspiration for every generation.

He served as the President of India from 2002-2007. However, he still resides in the hearts of all Indians. Dr. Kalam played a leading role in the development of India’s missile and nuclear weapons programs. 

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam Books That Will Enlighten You

Dr. Kalam has penned down numerous books that highlighted strong messages to be imbibed. He wrote about the burning issues of our country as well as books that had unassailable essence. APJ Abdul Kalam books remain undefeated till date. Some of his best works are as follows-

1. Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire is an autobiography written by Dr. Kalam which narrates his incredible journey. The book is a beautifully fabricated piece of literature that defines optimism, persistence and dedication in a unique way.

This autobiography continues to delineate how he became a chief scientist behind innovations in Indian space research and Indian missile programs from a boy belonging to a very humble background.

His book also covers his experiences, hardships and dreams.

The book also speaks about other scientists who worked effortlessly for Indian Space Research Organisation.

Every citizen of India must read this book for utmost inspiration. The autobiography clearly shows how patriotic Dr. Kalam was. Wings of Fire teaches us how one can achieve anything if one really wants it, and opportunities are built by no one else but by you.

2. Ignited Minds

Published in 2002, the book talks about the various barriers that are faced by the nation and how the youth can overcome them. It also weaves together numerous remarkable memories of Kalam that can set an example for the young generation.

The mesmerizing book also speaks about Dr Kalam’s experience of meeting students from different parts of the country.

He writes about his experience after interacting with the young minds of India and sees the potential in their eyes.The book widely describes about the ideas and thoughts for future generations and ends with a sense of how we need to look beyond what our eyes can see.

3. Turning Points

Turning Points takes up the incredible Kalam story from where Wings of Fire left off. The book covers his journey full of challenges and his career. It takes up from his acceptance of the post of the President of India. The inspiring book also covers his dedicated efforts to make his term meaningful and all the challenges that he faced during that period of time.

Turning Points gives a detailed explanation of his presidency and brings on many confessions which he would barely speak of. Kalam stresses on some points that India should focus on for faster development like embracing technology.

4. India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium

The book was first published in 1998. In this ground-breaking vision document, Abdul Kalam along with his co-author Y.S. Rajan describe their vison for the better India. It is a book of dreams. The provoking book talks about how Kalam sees India as the fourth developed nation of the world by 2020. He talks about the green revolution and the growing technology sector. Kalam speaks about the visions-

  1. Freedom
  2. Development
  3. India must stand up to the World

The book describes about the Indian media and nation’s obsession with foreign things. Kalam shows faith in the young generation and dreams for a nation where everyone will participate to put India forward.

5. Guiding Souls

The book is more or less on spiritual awakening and self realization. Dr. Kalam tries to outline the way he lives and in such a way as we can follow at least some or similar steps. The book offers valuable insights about the challenges in life. We learn about the spiritual path which consists of both unlearning as well as learning. There is much we need to unlearn, he says—many assumptions, concepts, beliefs and ideologies.

The book ends with APJ Kalam’s own learning and provides us with a glimse of his own journey. It showcases various aspects of human existence. Guiding Souls is one of the best APJ Abdul Kalam books to read and understand.

6. Inspiring Thoughts

Inspiring Thoughts was published in 2007 and is till date famous. The book is a collection of the most inspiring, motivational and incredible quotations and sayings of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam from all his writings. The book is a bundle of thought provoking ideas which provides the readers with insights. The quotes will make you reflect, rethink and rejoice along the journey of life.

The book inspires the readers to think of the whole community inspite of just selfish gains. It opens the horizons of minds and let the readers go out of the box. It is a collection of ideas on how one can sacrifice for the country and how one must keep on going in order to achieve their holy grail. The quotes written in this book are widely used and admired by everyone around the world.

7. You Are Born To Blosoom

This is one of the best APJ Abdul Kalam books that brings out marvelous insights about spirituality, education and development. The book makes us realize that each one of is unique in our own way which makes us special. Our Former President explains here that the foundation of success rests on three pillars: parents, teachers and mentors. The book conveys a sense of freedom and acknowledges that there is no age bar to blossom.

He advocates creation of conditions that favour growth of diverse individual talents. He defines what is the true meaning of education. Each one of us learns from one another and knowledge is free. He mentions his teachers and mentors and describes how they helped him go up the ladder. He brings out the point of difference in thinking. This is to sum up, a must read book.

8. Mission India: A Vision of Indian Youth

The book perfectly describes how the youth is the future. The mission is to transform India into a developed nation and the young generation is the key to it. The book portrays ideas on how every individual can make a difference and can contribute in the sector of education and technology by the means of development of human capacities. It fabulously fabricates the hidden strengths that India has and its potential abilities that can be harnessed in a near future.

The readers find it a masterpiece and call it one of the best APJ Abdul Kalam books. The book beautifully balances between the social and scientific development that India needs. It is must read book for the people who intend to take India to greater heights.

9. Indomitable Spirits

This book is a treasury of the core ideas and values that Dr. Kalam wishes to showcase to the countrymen. The book is studded with short anecdotes full of his loving wisdom. The book focuses on Kalam’s vital concerns such as human, national and global issues. It beautifully talks about how different people and incidents influence our lives, for instance, our teachers, our education system, etc. The book is also a compendium of his idea of creativity and innovation.

Dr. Kalam’s inspiring, almost magical words engage and captivate the reader’s mind and heart. The book conveys a strong message that work should not be done just to earn money, but it should be done to add value to the society and community. We all stand together and the way to progress is to move forward TOGETHER.

10. My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Action

The book is penned down in different plot themes. Each theme is one aspect that influenced Kalam. These themes range from family, friends, failures, mentors, different memories and so on. The book narrates his story of how a simple boy who used to deliver newspapers came to become India’s most influential personality. In this book, he also speaks in detail about the life and the atmosphere at Rameshwaram. Kalam talks about his upbringing and family as well and the various pangs and toils he had to go through.

He elaborates on his well-known spiritual side when he explains how both the Bhagavad-Gita and the Quran played pivotal roles in enlightening him in his darkest days. Dr. Kalam discusses about success and failures and how to be a better version of yourself in any situation.

APJ Abdul Kalam Books Impact on everyone Lifes

Conclusion on APJ Abdul Kalam Books

APJ Kalam has been not only a great President, a genius scientist and an inspiring leader, but also a good human being. His contributions are masterpieces that the nation won’t ever forget. Tell us in the comments below if we have missed any of his awesome books.

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