Best figma plugins for web design in 2022

Best figma Plugins for web designs

Best figma plugins for web design in 2022, Past serveral years i have tired many different design softwars and tools but figma is one of the awesome, the best thing is, its FREE and has a huge collaborating and contributing community, so as designer can get the best out of it.

Figma Plugins are some of the good source of building web design, either we talk about icons, fonts, illustrations, mockups, layouts and much more, figma plugins for web design in 2022 are the best.

So let’s start Explore, the Best figma plugins for web design in 2022

1 . Mockuuups Studio

One of the Great need to showcase your designs are mockups, here Mockuuups Studio is one of the best mockup plugins in figma, just make your design prototype and drag it to the plugin, rest the work done by Mockuuups. it has both paid and free plans, in most cases, free is can scale your requirements.

2. BenZin

figma plugins for web design in 2022

Background remover, one cool free plugin for removing backgrounds from the image, helpful for extracting the objects from an image.

3. Mesh Gradient

Figma plugin mesh gradient

Gradient Meshing plugin, In some recent years, designers struggle to use gradient effects, for that a new figma plugin came out to fill the space in their web design, it look more attracting in Text highlighting as well as in backgroung color grading.

4. Unsplash

Who else dont need the stock photos, a great free figma plugin for high quality stock images, you can insert beautiful stock images from unsplash straight in to your designs.

5. Iconify

More than 100,000+ Vector icons are free to use, you can use best free svg or png icon from Iconify plugin, the quality of icons are decent and amazing.

6. Avatars

Stuggle in finding the human avatar images for your web design project, then look to Avatars figma plugin, It let you add free human avatars images, best for creating chat apps or profile tabs or pages.

7. Measure Tools

Aligment is the most important thing in web or app designing, here measure tools figma plugin can help to arrange better spacing and aligment, it indicates the space distance between two object.

8. Lottie Files

If you are big fan of SVG animation then, this lottie files figma plugin is great, you can directly import the svg animations into your project. It render Lottie animation (JSON file to a GIF ), best in prototype designing.

9. Arrow Auto

Best for creating Arrow flow in your designs, specially required in making app screens formation.


Here are some of the best figma plugins for web design in 2022, We will add more web design plugins for figma in future, i hope these plugins will help you building best web designs.


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