Best File Sharing Search Engine

File sharing search engine is an amazing platform that will make your work a lot easier.

Millions of people share files each day whether through any chatting app or via emails, It’s not terrible if the file sizes are smaller and your internet speed is good.

But what if, you want to share files that are in the size of GB’s or TB’s, the matter of fact that it’s difficult, even more, when you want to share too many.

So How to make it easy?

Many good services and platform out there that are capable to share Mega files and they are the best file sharing search engine.

Big enterprises uses file hosting services for mega sharing, as they have a huge customer engagement so as requirement they need big solutions.

Mediafire, Dropbox, Wettransfer, and some more are file hosting search engines that allow to transfer big files and can be used to sell or download for free.

Here are some best file hosting services that you can use

  • Wettransfer
  • File-upload
  • DropBox
  • Easyupload
  • 4shared
  • Megadownload
  • Box


Mediafire allows 50GB of free space and max 4GB per file, It Gives you unlimited download and Bandwidth.

You can share easily and immediately after uploading.

Mediafire provides you a link that you can use to share anywhere and to anyone.

Via this link, they can download the file that you have uploaded.

One amazing thing I like about this is that, you can generate a link for only one-time use, which means if you want to share your file with somebody but not to other then this feature helps to do this.

The link will expires after a one time use.


Another file sharing search engine, Wettransfer gives you two plan one is free and the other is pro.

Free plan allows you to send up 2GB file with resending and delete options but there is no storage.

In pro one, you will get 1TB storage, send and receive files upto 20GB and it also offers your own Pro page and URL.

File-upload sharing search engine

File-upload is another file hosting service, that gives space to host your files.

Some core features are

  • Free File cloud Hosting
  • Remote URL Upload
  • Copy Files
  • FTP Upload

File-upload also run a program called, Pay Per Download (PPD) Program, In this you can earn money by uploading your files.

and if anyone downloads it, you will earn money, The price differs according to the countries, like From America, UK, Canada it will pay you upto $7, and from rest it’s $3.


Dropbox is one of the most used file storage and sharing cloud platforms used by millions of people.

What Dropbox say’s

“Dropbox Business is more than just secure file storage—it’s a smart workspace where teams, tools, and content come together.”

Many big companies uses dropbox for it compatible management services, it’s among the secure platform for sharing and storing files.

Team Centralize content

Team can centralize all there productive content over one place, most effectivily if working on single project.

Folder structure

It gives you space to organised your files like docs, excel sheet rest next to each other.

Helps to get good work flow with your team.

Dropbox provides you it’s cheapest plans starting from 15$/mon for up to 5TB (5000GB) storage space, it’s incredible.

One of the like features about Dropbox is that It has its own desktop app which can be used to sync files automatically.

You don’t need to put efforts to log in again and again and then upload it

Just drag and drop the file to the dropbox folder, once your internet-connected it automatically uploads it to the server.


If you want to start sharing for free and want to transfer a file up to 10 GB then Easyupload is a very good option.

It has two plans one is free and the other Premium, but the free one is very much compatible to start with.

Because it gives 10GB of file size to upload and share it for free amazing.

Maximum 25 files can be uploaded each can be maximum size of 10GB.

savefromnet is mostly known for downloading youtube videos, any youtube videos you can download from here.

To download any youtube videos just copy the video URL and then past it on the landing page center bar.

Then Just click on the download button, It will give you some options just select the preferred choice and Then BOOM your video getting start to download.


4shared states, search store and share.

You can upload or search any file like music, images, videos, and or file.

It’s Premimum Features are

  • Ad free sharing & download
  • 100GB cloud storage
  • SSL data encryption for maximum protection of your files
  • Backup
  • Get access to file direct download links

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Megadownload exactally work like any search engine, Just type the file you want to download.

Then it will provide you with results with details.

It works fine for some crack contents.

Box file sharing system

Box is an industrial application that will be used by many big giants, basically used to collaborate with team.

and share files to each other with less time and strong data privacy.

cloud storage facilities with proper work management system.


You have explore best file sharing search engine that will help you start sharing your heavy content, many are free for upto some services and some cost little more but they all industries used services, if you want to start sharing it would recommend you start with dropbox, it cheap.

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