How to use Ejunkie to Sell Your digital goods and merchandise online.


Do you want to sell your own digital product online that you have created?

If yes, then there is one amazing platform for you that is Ejunkie or “Electronic Junkie”.

Ejunkie provides you a simple shopping cart modal that you can use it on your own website to sell your own digital products.

It basically helps you to sell an ebook, comics, music, videos, or any digital merchandise from your own website.

As you all know, selling your own digital downloads is one of the most money-making ways online.

and even Ejunkie reviews are also really good in terms of services and product delivery.

In this detailed guide, you will learn how to sell your own digital product from ejunkie.

How Ejunkie works?

E-junkie uses a similar e-commerce shopping process model, it simply adds the item into the cart and then through payment methods accept payment but in a little different way.

It let you add a shopping cart on your blog or any of your site, and then provide you a linkable “Buy Now” button that you will have to place on your website.

For some years, ejunkie becomes a good option for selling digital downloads.

Ok, let me guide you, the full process.

First, sign up on E-junkie and after that, it primarily asks you to do three tasks.

  1. Edit profile
  2. Add Product
  3. Get button Code

Edit profile or set payment method

Fill up your profile details and add your payment accept method. 

Make sure to give your email correct because you will get all your billing mails on this email address.

Add Your product on E-junkie

Add digital downloadable products to your ejunkie account. Give a name to your product and then set your selling price.

Set currency method in which you can accept payment.

One of the amazing features of ejunkie is that you can set attempts and hours to download that product by the user.

So it prevents the false attempt of downloads and this feature keeps your product safe on E-junkie.

Get button Code

After completing the first two-step in the last step you will get a button code that you have to copy and past on to your website page on which you want to showcase your product.

On your live site, the button is starting to appear. Now if any of your visitors come and click on the button it will directly go to the checkout page of ejunkie.

Features of EJunkie

Ejunkie offers you several amazing features that you will be going to love more.

Here are the they

1. Digital Delivery

Digital delivery is a feature that holds your files, codes, keys, software that are saved on E-junkie database, and then ejunkie verifies your every sale by sending the downloadable link to your buyer.

2. eBook protection

Ejunkie provides a digital stamping feature for your ebook, which gives you more protection, it basically stamps the buyer name, email, and transaction id on each pdf downloads.

3. Ejunkie Shopping cart model

Customizable shopping carts are available that appear as an overlay on your website so it’s a nice option to play around with.

4. Product Landing Page

You can use EJunkie SEO friendly landing pages to attract your visitors and go for more conversions. It comes with pre-integrated Facebook and googles analytics tools.

5. Sell Downloads Offline

When you sell your digital goods, e junkie creates a unique expiring downloadable link for each buyer, after completing the payment and if you want to sell products offline then it generates a download claim code for the offline purchase, a buyer can use there claim code to get its digital download.

6. Discounts and coupons

You can create your own virtual discounts and coupons for that you have to put your products on sale, and lucratively to grab the attention of your buyers. E-junkie offers you a maximum of 10,000 discounts configured at one time.

7 Ejunkie Inventory management

E-junkie also provides you an Inventory Management option where you can limit your product downloads as limited stock and limit sales based on quantity in stock.

8. Start Your Own Affiliate Programs

You can display your e junkie affiliate program on ejunkie marketplace it’s a nice option to grow your sells but the affiliate tracking is only possible through the buy now button processed purchased.

It doesn’t include third-party sales.

So, With ejunkie you can start your affiliate program, you can create and manage your product sales.

Set your product commision rate.

When any user clicks on the buy now button, e-junkie will track the code and if the purchase is done then ejunkie will credit the commission amount to your affiliate seller.

The only task your product affiliates have to do is to past the link on their landing page.

9. Promotion Freebies or sending Update

During the checkout process, there is another option “subscribe to our newsletter” if the buyer checks the option then you can easily send them your new product notifications.

It’s a good follow up marketing strategy that ejunkie is offering.

10. Setting Up your Ejunkie Shop

If you don’t have your website or blog, you can create your shop on ejunkie and then sell your digital product from their only

This feature is not so handy because ejunkie doesn’t have such a content management system like eBay or Amazon.

So you can try if you don’t have to go for your own website or blog.

11. Bundling multiple products for sell on Ejunkie

There is one another option of selling your multiple products in a single bundle.

This saves your product slots on e junkie, as well as it’s fast and easy for your buyer to get the download, Only you have to convert your product it into a single file zip and upload it.

Ok let me give you one marketing tip, in your product don’t only sell the items that you have include, instead of just give some freebies, it helps to get more engagement with the buyer. 

It generates more chances that the buyer will come again.

12. Sales Tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook

You can track your sales by integrating your google analytics, then on your analytics dashboard, you will able to see your all sales tracking details.

It helps to optimize your conversion rates.

13. Customize Post sales emails

Ejunkie has two types of emails that will send to your buyers.

  1. Common Thank you for an email that will be sent on each order.
  2.  Product thank you for an email, this will be sent when the product is ordered.

You can able to edit these emails and customize them according to your preferences.

These are the best options that e junkie is offering as a service at a minimal price.

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Learn How To Use Ejunkie

Ejunkie Pricing and billing

On E-junkie pricing there is no setup fee, no transaction fee, no transaction limit, and even no bandwidth limit.

It offers a 30-day free trial that is good for the beginners to start over it.

You don’t have to enroll your credit card, no required.

In pricing, ejunkie has four plans, 5$, $10, $20, and $40 plan.

In a $5 plan, you will get 10 products to sell with the limit of 200MB download storage.

$10 plan, you will get 40 products to sell with the limit 2GB download storage.

In $20, 150 number of products with 8gb download storage.

In $40, an unlimited number of products with unlimited download storage.

$5 plan is something below the low level but after that 10$ will be a great start. 

You can also set up your products and pick a plan later.

Payment methods on ejunkie

Ejunkie has different payment modes through which your buyers can easily check out the product.

In a survey, it is found that the easy to pay model increases the conversion rate, which e junkie is doing nicely.

Payment method it uses are

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • TrialPay
  • Braintree
  • Razorpay
  • Instamojo
  • Paytm
  • PayU

How is E-junkie help support?

To get help support from ejunkie, ejunkie has a chatbot on the right bottom corner, Which automatically pops up as you visit on the website.

An Auto message you receive from the ejunkie and then you can contact them by sending your chat message.

or you can go to its contact page and send your query.

An Immediate message you will receive from ejunkie on your mail and then within 24 hours, it’s a technical team approach to solve your problem.


To start your digital product business or you want to sell your own ebook or any other merchandise from your own website then ejunkie is one of the best options for selling digital goods. It has cheap plans that start from $5 for 10 products and most importantly easy to integrate on any website even with more customizable options. e junkie reviews are good and highly rated by financial online.


Which is ejunkie alternative?

Ejunkie has different alternatives like Payhip and Gumroad both are offering good valuable services like E-junkie.

What Digital Product I can sell On Ejunkie?

Ebook, comics, music, videos, or any digital merchandise that can be digitally downloadable you can sell on E-junkie.

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