Flipkart Affiliate Program 29% Payout Earn Money

Flipkart Affiliate Program, An Amazing make money program started by Flipkart as an affiliate marketing. As Flipkart is India’s biggest Ecommerce business enterprise so its great believe factor that it gives you some great earnings, with its affiliate Flipkart program.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program is method for you to earn commission by selling other Flipkart retailer products.

When somebody purchase your referring product then you will earn commission on that. As now nobody needs an introduction to Flipkart any more, because its a huge market capturing company.

As much as filpkart is big, they have more space for you and as well as wide categories of products too.

that you can choose as an affiliate product.

Fashion to electronic, groceries to baby products you can find any product on this online ecommerce platform.

With some great affiliate payouts.

In this Article Our main concern is on, How you will make money on Filpkart.

Here I will drive you through some of the best strategy that you can use to earn money from Flipkart Products.

Flipkart always update its policies and earning commission.

So here you will get full recent Updated commissions on affiliate marketing program by filpkart.

And if you don’t know how much effective this affiliate program is, then I tell you one thing, the earning potential is much high.

50,000 To 1.5lakhs per month at least only if you do it correctly.

I tell you some secrets that you too can use it to monetize, which i personaly use so just stay it with me for a while.

How do I get paid from Flipkart affiliate?

ok Let me start with, How you can get paid out first, because I Think its a most Curious question that people ask.

For that you need to open an affiliate account on Flipkart with your bank details because after all payouts you will receive in your bank.

So just go to Affiliate Flipkart, sign up for an affiliate accounts, its FREE.

Click on the JOIN NOW FOR FREE button then fill the details that are mandatory for any affiliate website.

After filling, click on join affiliate and then confirm your registrations by clicking on the link that you receive in your mail box.

Hurray… Now you have entered into the money making area of flipkart.

Once you have set up for filpkart affiliate, this time to choose products that you will promote.

now let suppose you make a sale, then where your earning amount will go. it will shown in your dashboard and once your earning reach to a certain amount, to can transfer directly into your bank account.

The only thing is that you have to provide your bank details to them.

How Flipkart affiliate marketing is Best in India?

Many companies are in lead, as India has a huge market place for them.

But if we talk about the trust factor then Flipkart ecommerce has a high built trust factor.

The Annual income of flipkart is 43,615 crore ($6.3 Billion ). So just imaging how profitable filpkart will be for you.

One another reason to join Flipchart affiliate is, its support, whenever you face problem in your affiliate program, you can talk to their support and through my experience you will get positive response from that side.

And One thing I love most about Filpkart affiliate program is that, you do not have to pay a single rupee to start with this.

So There is no investment, All you need your own Website to start with.

Flipkart Affiliate Commissions

Most Important and handy question, because this is the main point which helps you To earn decent money.

These are the categories Which Flipkart offers Commissions for desktop and Mobile Users.

CATEGORYNew Customer Order*Existing Customer Order
Grocery- Flipkart Supermart18%5%
Fashion & Lifestyle Categories 4%4%
Electronic Devices & Accessories5%5%
Large Appliances4%4%
Small Home Appliances8%8%
Books & General Merchandise5%5%
Mobile Phones1%-2%1%-2%

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How to Select Profitable Product on flipkart ?

Flipkart is huge Market place, so choosing a profitable Product is quite challenging.

But I’ll tell you one secret, choose a product which is more audience oriented take on to that.

Google gives you an amazing tool google trend, If you know this tool that how to use it, then you definatily gonna love it.

It gives you insights of trending products that you can use in your Flipkart affiliate marketing.

Most useful in festival time, because the products get start trending in Festival season.

Just go to google trend search a parent key topic, then find which query people are searching the most.

After that, Search a relevant product to that query, Affiliate marketing is all about good strategy.

Now lets come to the next move.

How Can I Start Selling Flipkart Affiliate Products On My Website?

As I have Said, to get started earning, your primary need is a website.

and if you don’t know how to build a website or blog then Just Checkout this.

Read: How to start a blog and earn $5000 per month?

But in short, to start a website you need a domain and hosting and install wordpress on your hosting, this is the primary setup for your flipkart affiliate start up.

Once your website is Live, Now the second most important thing is emphasize writting on a product that you are selling.

When user comes on your website it will feel like your are convencing and recommending them it look upon on the product.

So write detail stuff about the product, Use HD images, nicely structure your post, give all best details about it, like apple or any big company do with it their product.

It show’s in a case study that, User engagement increase with images and video, even Video has 43% more impact on users.

So use video in your post. It will help You more to monetize your product.

Affiliate Landing Page

Landing pages convert more sales, it a great strategy that people used to generate more revenue.

It just like a company catalog, in which the product details has given with more graphically.

In other words, Your target is to drive user to your product page.

Once the viewer or buyer reach on your page, Collect its email, because it might not purchase your product in the first step but you have collected his email address, you can retarget them with your New offer.

This strategy really works, seriously.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Tools

Flipkart provide you with there affiliate Tools also, Like

  • Product Links and banner.
  • Promotional Banners & Widgets
  • Search Tools
  • APIs

Product Links and banner.

On Flipkart affiliate Dashboard, it gives you freedom to build your own customizable banner, and links so that you can optimizes it according to your preference.

When any user clicks on it and Have a purchase through your link then you will earn commission.

Promotional Banners and Widget

Promotional banner comes with Customizable and auto-tagged with your Flipkart affiliate id.

It handy because you don’t have to do any code to put it on to your site and it increases engagement also.

Search Tools

You can put Flipkart search tool on your site also, because its really handy to search any other product with your own automatic Affiliate id that you can use to put on your Blog.

It can able to drive more conversions and sales.


If you come from coding and programing background then This is one of the best Options for you.

You can use Flipkart Application Programing Interface to get its product data and use it on your app to promote Your affiliate product.

Flipkart Affiliate money to my bank

At last when you start getting Money in your flipkart dashbord, let them come in your bank account.

Give your All bank details and once you reach to a minimum payout transfer it to your bank account.


Here you have about hoe you can start earning money from Flipkart affiliate Program, With some best payouts, as flipkart is India’s Biggest Ecommerce company, There will be strong Believe factor. I hope you like. Stay healthy and Safe.

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