Google Keep: 10 Tips to Increase your productivity by 80%

Google Keep is a tool that helps to organize your tasks and schedules. you can write down your ideas, your plans and schedule them. Keep has many amazing features that increase your productivity by more than 80%.

Google has introduced some key features in ‘Keep’ that helps to connect you with your team and collaborate on.

When I start working on any of my plans, I schedule it on my sticky notes, I write and stick them on anywhere in my room.

Somehow it is not so difficult to revive your plans from these sticky notes and work on but only if they are few.

Just think about a moment when your wall is full of sticky! sticky! sticky and sticky notes.

For that, you have to remember first the counting of sticky notes and then the plans.

But now you don’t have to do something like that because google keep is here.

It help me a lot to organize my blog.

Here I am going to tell you some best features of google keep that help to organize your schedule.

How to use google keep?

The Keep was launched on 20th March 2013. after that, it has changed a lot. Many new features google introduced that make this app more reliable.

It also available on Android and IOS platforms, On android, it has more than 100million downloads that’s enough to tell you that the app is worth it.

One of the most important things I like about the keep is it’s Free. No subscriptions, No premium plans, you have to pay nothing to use it.

In this guide I want you to look at the 10 best tips and tricks on how to use Google Keep to increase your productivity.

1. Google Keep Color code Options

Keep has some best color code options that you can use to separate your notes. It includes mostly light colors that don’t affect your eyes with low vibrancy.

To color your notes you have to simply click on then color plat option on your bottom of the note and select the color.

you can better organize your Keep notes with these different color options.

2. Collaborate with your team

Suppose you are scheduling your team tasks than how will you collaborate with them and always be kept updated.

Google Keep has found a better solution it adds a collaborate feature in the app where you can share your tasks list to your team or friends and work mutually on the same list.

You can’t chat on keep but it’s really very effective, ok let me tell you, suppose you haven’t done some tasks in your mutual note so that it will be taken care of by your team member and the other team member will complete it for you.

To collaborate just click on the button at the bottom of your note list and then send an invite to your friends.

3. Set Reminder on your note

Basically we use notes to stay organized and complete our tasks on time. so for that, there is one another reminder feature adds in google keep.

You can set reminders and let the reminders remind you of your tasks or you can set location-based reminders this work like when you reached your location keep reminder pop up, pops on your screen to notify for your tasks.

To set a reminder, click on the reminder button at the bottom left corner of your task box.

Where you have options to set later, today, tomorrow, or to pick your own time or set for your place.

You can set reminders for multiple note lists too.

4. Make a checklist and Add a label

You can make a checklist on Keep, once your task has complete just checkout that point

It is something like you organize your tasks and the checklist helps to complete the tasks on time.

Just checkout the task list point as you completed them.

In keep, you can add a label to your note, we use labels to mark the notes as a category.

If you have many notes in your keep dashboard, then label helps to bring out that relevant note so I recommend you add a label.

5. Add images to your notes

You can add images to your notes to, some people love to work with images, for that to add an image option is available on Google Keep.

To add an image simply click on the image icon on the bottom bar of your task list.

Then choose the image from your directory and then add it to your list.

6. Record your voice notes on keep

On your Android and IOS app, you can record your voice notes. To do that click on the microphone and record your message, when you have done recording, it automatically takes your message and a new screen will pop up with your text and that recorded message.

When you try out this I think you love it.

7. Transcribe your note from pictures

Nothing is easy if you have a tool that transcript your written text into digital notes isn’t it.

keep uses an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique when you click a photo of any text written image then Google Keep transcribe text from pictures.

It makes your work easy, you don’t have to write or copy your text on your digital notes. Keep will do for you and make a note list of that.

8. Let’s Draw and make your notes.

You can also draw in keep, this thing will make you love with the app. You can make a sketch or write your note like your handwriting.

Google Keep introduced this drawing feature to make you love this app.

The Drawing features has some cool pens and color, you can draw and play around with all those tools.

You can also share your drawing with your team.

9. Keep drag and drop feature in google docs

In google docs, you can drag and drop your notes, list, or images from Keep.

At the right sidebar, click on the keep icon, all your notes has open, now you can drag your notes and drop it on the docs.

This helps when you have written when crucial points and want to include them in your writings.

10. Google Keep Chrome Extension

There is a chrome extension for keep, add an extension to your chrome browser.

One nice thing about keep is that it saves URL while making a note using the extension. and when you get back to that note it will take to that page.


Google keep is an app that helps you to stay organized with your tasks and complete them on time. you can collaborate with your team and share your note list, You can add chrome extension too to save URLs with your note. Google keeps gives you several amazing features just go and give some time to increase your productivity by 80%.

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