Highest Paying Jobs in India 2020

highest paying jobs in india

The highest paying jobs in India are the answer to the growing country’s economy.

India is amongst the fastest growing economy in the world and as a result, the highest paying jobs scale is also increasing.

Students in India are very curious to do highly professional jobs with the highest paying salaries.

High paying jobs provide high financial security and because of this financial status and a good lifestyle are major considerations.

Money is the first factor that comes first in mind. When it comes to choosing a carrier, money is the major point of focus.

 Everybody needs money for a better lifestyle and for better future growth.

List of top 15 highest paying jobs in India

Here is the list of the top 15 highest paying jobs in India. India is a global market and because of this many employees are in a race.

Don’t worry anybody can able to find and get the job 🙂

Later in this article, I’ll tell you how you can easily find a job.

1. Medical Doctors Professionals

Medical Professional doctors are in high demand.

The ratio of doctors to patients is very high. In India, there is one doctor for every 10,000 people.

According to WHO (world health organization), the ratio will be 1:1000. And that’s the major reason doctors earn very well.

Heath problem is a major issue in India and The population of the country is also above 130 crores. Many parents in India want to make their child a doctor or an engineer.

Besides an MBBS doctor, there are some other medical professions like Dentists, Ayurvedic Doctors, BHMS Doctors or Physiotherapists but MBBS are in high demand.

MBBS doctors after there Graduation proceed for higher-level studies. They do PG (post-graduation) and followed themselves to be as super-specialist.

Specialist doctors earn more than MBBS holders. The famous specialist fields include Pediatrician, Surgeon, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, Gynaecologist, Orthopaedics, Pathology.

Doctors may work in government or private hospitals and many of them after there job they work in their own clinics.

How to apply?

To become an MBBS doctor, you must have passed 10+2 with science bio stream. In PCB you have to score at least 50% marks. Then apply for NEET (National eligibility entrance exam).

How much salary you can expect?

As a fresher, an MBBS doctor earn 10,000 – 40,000/mo (3-5 years training) and after specialization MD/MS earn 40,000 – 2,00,000/mo.

Highly specialized doctors earn even more 80,000 – 4,00,000/mo. check here

2. Chartered Accountant

highest paying jobs in india chartered accountant earningstrings
earningstrings Chartered accountant

Chartered accountants are financial professionals and they all are certified professionals from The institute of chartered Accountant of India(ICAI).

ICAI is the second largest professional accounting and finance body in the world and ICAI is the only license regulating body to the chartered accountant professionals in India.

Every company needs account handlers or financial management employees. A chartered accountant is the best choice for a small start-up to big multinational companies.

Chartered accountants keep track of the financial affairs of companies and many account-related tasks.

In this way, chartered accountants have a very large scope in the business sector and because of this, they compensate with very high-income sources.

How to apply?

To become a chartered accountant you will have to reach 4 levels.

  • Common proficiency test (CPT).
  • Integrated Competence Profesional course (IPCC).
  • Three-year articleship under CA.
  • Apply for CA final.

How much salary you can expect?

CA salary ranges from 8-10 lakhs in starting and after an experience of 4-5 years it will get a 20-30 lakh package, it depends on the experience and seniority.

For detail information, you can check here.

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3. Merchant Navy

highest paying jobs in india merchant navy earningstrings
Merchant Navy earningstrings

If you want to experience the adventure on the high seas, this is the job for you.

A merchant navy job is the highest paying job in India.

Merchant navy offers commercial services and they are different from the navy, navy serves for the nation, they secure the nation seashores.

Whereas the merchant navy is all about international trade, carrying cargo all over the world.

Merchant navy has a huge number of workers to carry and deliver goods from one country to another.

This increase the job opportunity for job seekers.

Merchant navy is a glamorous type of job, you can explore the world and get a chance to visit high exotic places.

High-level officer posts come with high salary packages.

Students can prepare for desk cadets and marine engineering jobs.

How to apply?

To Join Merchant Navy, you have passed 10+2 with the aggregate over 60%, subjects Physics, chemistry, maths. Candidate must be unmarried and normal eye sights.

To apply for the merchant navy you can check here.

How much salary you can expect?

In starting Your salary will be 20,000/mo but once you hold the experience it ranges up to 8 lakhs per month.

You can check out status here.

4. Lecturer

highest paying jobs in india lecturer earningstrings
lecturer earningstrings

Teachers are the present and future of any country because they teach higher grade students especially college.

Teachers play an important role in nation-building and building knowledge in society. Lecturers are the higher-level teacher, they teach college-level students and monitor their progress.

College students are undergraduates and the lecturer has the main duty to prepare them for better graduates.

Lecturers have some main tasks, they conduct research, give lectures and oversee examinations in college.

In colleges, the studies are professional levels because this college pays high salaries to there lecturers.

You can choose your profession as a lecturer if you have an interest in teaching.

How to apply?

If you want to start your career as a high level lecturer, you have to complete your masters with min 55% aggregate and then apply and clear NET (National eligibility test) examination.

Then you can choose your stream for lecturership. for more info check here.

How much salary you can expect?

An average salary of a lecturer starts from 22,000/mo and goes up to 1.5 lakh/mo depending on experience. let’s check here.

5. Management Professionals

highest paying jobs in india Management Professionals earningstrings
earningstrings Management Professionals

Management professionals are those who have pursued higher graduation in business and management.

Basically Management professionals have the task to control the management activities of any company.

They play a very major role in established any company progress as they are the most valuable employees so payscale is also very high.

For study management, you have to pursue your courses in one of the BBA, MBA or BMS.

Management professionals earn on behalf of there field of specialization. MBA professionals earn higher than any other.

The quality of the institute also affects, in India IIMs are more valuable.

you can choose your area like- International business, finance, HR management, healthcare or some more are here.

How to apply?

For starting your carrier as a management professional you have to be graduate first and then apply for post-graduation management programs like MBA. for more info check here.

How much salary you can expect?

If you have done your MBA from some best institutes of India like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta then your average salary package starts from 22lakhs/annum and Higher it will go to 70lakhs/annum here are the details.

6. Computer science or IT (Information Technology) Engineers

highest paying jobs in india Computer science  earningstrings

We are living in the age of computers, because of this, computer science engineers are in high demand.

India is the largest tech hub and still, computer engineers are the highest paying jobs in India.

These engineers develop software, web applications, debug code, design, and modification of components, develop complex algorithm software and many more.

To become a computer science engineer you have to pursue your degree in CS engineering or IT engineering.

The top big companies in the world are IT companies google, amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and because of this IT sector has a vast area.

Industries are growing and the demand is also very high, companies can pay lots of money to there engineers so this will be the great choice of your career.

How to apply?

To become a Computer science engineer, you have to pass 10+2 with more than 75% and then apply for JEE mains (joint entrance exam for engineering field) and then JEE advance to be in IIT’s.

How much salary you can expect?

For freshers, the salary starts from 25,000-30,000/mo and after an experience of 4-5 years, it takes a jump on 60,000-1,00,000/mo in Indian rupees. check here.

7. Graphics Designer

highest paying jobs in india Graphics Designer earningstrings
Graphics Designer earningstrings

A graphic designer is an artist, who creates the designs in a computer and illustrates the pieces of information in forms of visual graphic designs.

Basically they present information in the form of designs.

You have seen many companies logos, brochures, designs on the product package, styling texts and, many more, they give brief Ideas about the product or company motto in the form of the designs.

Graphic designers use both text and images to illustrate the information and they often use different fonts, images, colors, styles and all.

And they are also in the list of highest paying jobs in india.

Big or small companies need a designer, they want a designer on a larger scale and pay them higher as they got experience in the field.

This is the job of art lovers. So you can explore it 🙂

How to apply?

To become a graphic designer you need to develop skills in software like adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator or any other vector or pixel software and to do this you have to graduate first.

you can do any of these courses to know about designs.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • PG Diploma in Graphic Animations
  • BSc Multimedia
  • Diploma in Graphic

Here is more info, check here.

How much salary you can expect?

An average salary of a graphic designer starts from 15,000 – 25,000/mo and after the experience, it goes up to 50,000 to 70,000/mo. check here.

8. Civil Services and Administration Jobs

highest paying jobs in india Civil Services earningstrings
Civil Services earningstrings

India is the largest democratic country in the world and the second-largest population country.

The government has a big role and as over 13 million people country, the administration services are also a major concern.

In India, many people want to join civil services because they are one of the highest paying jobs in India after the seventh pay commission.

Civil services offer you a job in different sectors like In administrations, police services, Foreign affairs, therefore, you can choose any of the streams.

To get a job you have to crack civil service examination which is conducted by UPSC (union public service commission of India).

IAS (Indian administrative services ), IPS (Indian police services), IFS( Indian Foreign Services) are the highest designation services in India.

How to apply?

To apply for civil services examination you have to graduate in any field because is necessary first to serve as a civil employee.

Then apply for UPSC examination, check here.

How much salary you can expect?

As civil services are the highest paying jobs in India, the salary is also very high, in starting it starts from 56000/mo and goes up to 2,50,000/mo check here.

9. Journalism and Mass media professionals

 Journalism and Mass media earningstrings
Journalism and Mass media earningstrings

In india Journalism and Mass media is an Information delivering occupations. It is an activity to do research about the current affairs and write for the newspaper, magazines, blogs, express from visual media like television, radio, internet in the form of news.

News Anchors, news reporters, editors are the fields in mass media, you can choose any one of them.

journalism and Mass media is nothing but dispersing information to a larger number of people through print media and electronic media.

Mass media has a very big scope because electronic media is increasing and the news is spreading all over the world in a few minutes so there is a vast demand for a good journalist.

If you love television then it will be your good carrier choice.

Journalism is also included in the list of highest paying jobs in India because in India there are many media houses and news channels and they pay there journalist higher salaries.

How to apply?

To become a Journalist after 10+2, complete your graduation from best colleges in India, here is a list of top 10 colleges in India. check here.

How much salary you can expect?

In starting the average salary is 20,000-30,000/mo and after 4-5 years of experience, it goes 1.5 lakh/mo. check here.

10. Commercial Pilot

highest paying jobs in india Commercial Pilot earningstrings
Commercial Pilot earningstrings

When it comes to fly a passenger plan will you able to fly? The question is interesting but the answer is if you choose your carrier in this field.

flying a commercial Aeroplan is not an easy task.

Commercial pilots get the highest paying salary in India as a job profession.

But the only drawback is that you have to be in the sky most of the time.

You must have very much amount of money to become a commercial pilot.

How to apply?

To become a commercial pilot in India, you have to score a minimum of 55% marks in 10+2 then you have to do 2 medical exams class 1 and class 2.

After that apply for training schools, here is the list of top 5 best school

  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA).
  • National Flying Training Institute (NFTI)
  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC)
  • Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd. (AAA)
  • Bombay Flying Club

Check here, for more info. Commercial pilots are the top of the list of highest paying jobs in India.

How much salary you can expect?

In starting a commercial pilots gets 1.5lakhs/mo and after the experience, the salary hike is 4-5 lakh/mo.

Check the salary status here.

11. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer earningstrings
Fashion Designer earningstrings

If you are a fashion lover then it might be possible you love fashion designing, fashion trends, explorer then I think this is the right job for you.

Fashion is glamour today and most of you might love fashion and want to explore, India is a place of traditions.

Here every state or even every place has a traditional fashion, companies need designers for fashion accessories and fashion trend and for that, they start paying you higher money.

and you can earn more in this field.

Fashion sectors have- models, fashion designers, photographers, jewelry makers, advisors and some others too.

How to apply?

After your 10+2, you can choose your graduation path.

To study in the best fashion design institute. You have clear one of the exams

  • NIFT Entrance Exam
  • Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
  • NID Entrance Exam
  • CEED

Here are some more info about the exams , check here.

How much salary you can expect?

A fashion designer earns 15,000 – 25,000/mo as a fresher and after the experience it will get 2 Lakhs per month, for more salary status check here.

12. Architect

Architect earningstrings
Architect earningstrings

An Architect is those who design the buildings and models or concept of the building.

They mainly work on the appearance of building design and structure.

If you have desires to build beautiful buildings, planning home architecture then this is the right job for you. you will earn more when getting experience in this field.

An experienced architecture charge high of there planning and designs.

How to apply?

Students can choose a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program for graduation after 10+2 because the degree is necessary to become an architect.

It usually takes five years to complete graduation here is more info.

How much salary you can expect?

An Architect earns 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs/mo and after an experience, salary hikes up to 4-5 lakhs per/mo lets check here.

13. Bankers

highest paying jobs in india Bankers earningstrings
Bankers earningstrings

Indian Bankers earn high income because they handle the countries financial growth. we save our money in banks.

To manage banking facilities and provide these facilities to customers we need bankers.

An employee earns more respect from society if it doing a job in banks.

The banking sector includes in highest paying jobs in India. you can choose your carrier in the banking sector too.

How to apply?

To become a banker, a person has to complete its graduation with a minimum of 55% aggregate and then aspirants have to crack exams conducted by the various institutes.

  • The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS)
  • The State Bank OF India (SBI)
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Check here for details.

How much salary you can expect?

In starting, a banker earns 20,000 – 30,000/mo and after an experience of 3-4 years, salary hike will be 50,000 per month. you can check here.

14. Actors

 Actors earningstrings
actors earningstrings

Indian earn even more if they have good acting skills. Lots of tv shows, web series, documentaries are making these days.

Lots of opportunities are coming for new talented actors. Being an actor is not so easy task.

You have to do little struggle in the first few months or maybe a year but can find jobs.

How to apply?

Professional Actors got the highest paying jobs in India. To become an actor there is some best institute in India here is the list.


check here for more info.

How much salary you can expect?

In starting, an actor earns min 20,000/mo and if you belong to some big institute the salary goes 150000/mo.

here is the list of highest paying jobs of an actor in India. check here.

Thank You for reading this article I hope you like it. 🙂

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