How To Control Your Mind And Be A Master of Your Thoughts

how to control mind

Humans can control the ultimate of things, including what not! But it all won’t actually matter unless and until one learns how to control his own mind and thoughts. Your brain is one of the most powerful things to exist in this universe and if not used correctly, can be destructive beyond imagination.

Having a sense of control over your mind simply means to influence the way you live your life, you think, and perform actions. Many great personalities have failed just because they lacked the mastery. With the power of having a command over your thoughts, you cannot believe how much of time you are going to save, your way to see the things can change and and how much of self energy you can conserve!

The way to skillfully direct your mind to live in harmony with your body and spirit is a toughie but can be achieved. It’s high time you let the negative thoughts consume your mood or unproductive thinking sessions steal away your time. Here are some awesome ways that you should ponder on for less stress, more creativity, less distraction and more enjoyment in life. In short, on how to control your mind-

How to Master or Control Your Mind

Look on the positive

The easiest trick to wire your brain for happiness is to ponder upon the positivity. If you think too much about what has already happened and you have literally no control over it, you are just wasting your good energy. Relish good moments.

You can start by savoring those tiny moments of joy in your day, like your favorite food, happy messages or by remembering your loved ones. The most important thing is to keep your mood good because it can affect your whole day. So stay happy and spread smiles!

Self compassion is the key

Everybody has their own way to react towards a particular situation. Some people react to it by keeping themselves calm while others can over react. We cannot change the gut-level feelings and reactions that our minds and bodies produce but at least we can try to change how we respond to such feelings.

 No one has ever said about ‘not expressing yourself’ because expressing is a basic nature of humans. Nevertheless we can always control on the level of reaction. If you feel you are about to lose your temper, start deep breathing. It may sound absurd but trust me on this, It Helps A Lot!

Mindfulness about the present moment

It happens to all of us. Washing dishes? But thinking about what we could have said in a past argument. Attending seminar? Thinking about what scrumptious dish we will have for lunch. So, how to control mind? This is normal. However, it is a major distraction and concentration is the key.

When ever you find yourself caught up in some negative whirlwind, recognize it, erase and replace it, and bring your focus back on your ongoing task. The best way to increase concentration is, yes you guessed that right, meditation. Wake up early and give it a try for few months, you won’t regret it!

Replacing isn’t bad!

If you ever feel like a thought is just bothering you too much and making you less productive, erase it from your head. Some thoughts are just not worth giving too much attention. Replace them with happy and important points, the aura around you will itself turn positive.

You can do this by replacing the other thought. Engage yourself in recreational activities like creative working or singing, etc. Just say it out loud “I don’t need to think of this” and do better things that make you happy. Even little kids subconsciously appreciate the importance of letting go.

Unplug yourself for a while

Studies have found that allotting yourself some tech-free time can actually make you more relaxed. Also take a break for a while to give yourself better ‘me time’. This opens up the horizons of thinking and can make you happier.

Digital distractions can cause headaches and stress. Allot yourself a particular amount of screen time for your devices and stick to it. You will soon see the results. Unplugging and recharging are the best stress busters.


Hence, on controlling your mind, you simply need to listen, get to know your inner side, realize it’s nature and give it a break sometimes. Meditation is helpful in most of the cases. Stay focused, keep calm and spread love!

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