How To Get PM Kisan Refund?

PM Kisan Refund mechanism is done when an individual does not wish to take the advantage of this scheme further.

The PM Kisan Scheme is one of the biggest schemes that provides income support of Rs. 6000 to all the marginal farmers per year. Many installments of this scheme have been paid and the amount has been transferred into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

However, there are reports that say that few non-beneficiaries have also received the amount and may want to return it to the Government.

Also, if you are not in the beneficiary list and have applied for this scheme unintentionally, you can simply apply for the PM Kisan Refund.

How to Refund PM Kisan?

There are various methods through which you can apply for refund of this scheme. The few methods are as follows-

1. Contact your respective bank branch

The beneficiaries who wish to refund the amount can approach their respective bank branch and ask to reverse the entry in order to refund for PM Kisan.

After withdrawing the name, the bank will deposit the returned amount to the accredited bank’s separate account. The accredited banks have the UTR and IIN of the beneficiaries.

Further, the returned money will be sent to the PAO through the receipt scroll along with the UTR and IIN of the beneficiaries.

Hence, the name and details of such beneficiaries will be cleared from the database by the Programmed Division.

2. Visit Portal

The beneficiaries can also return the amount through state government.

The NRTP Portal known as will help such individuals to withdraw their name and details from the database.

A proper user guide is available on the website to assist the users. Go through the guide and fill the required data. This is one of the easiest way to refund.

3. Contact the Agricultural Coordinator/ District Agricultural Office

The beneficiaries can get contact details from the PM Kisan official website or by clicking here. In order to get PM Kisan Refund, contact the agriculture coordinator.

Visit the help desk and ask your queries there. PM-Kisan Helpline No. 011-24300606

There are three installments for this benefit. The money to be transferred back requires to be tagged with the transaction by which it was initiated. Hence, to delete these beneficiaries names is a must.

Who need to Apply for Refund of PM Kisan?

People who do high grade government jobs or pay income tax to the Government of India, are not eligible to apply for this scheme.

If by any chance, they have applied, they need to withdraw their names from the beneficiary list.

Such beneficiaries will also have to return the money that they received from all the installments.

If you are not falling under the terms of being a beneficiary according to the guidelines, and are still availing the benefit of this scheme, you can be even prosecuted.

But if you fall under the list, it’s fine always!

If you want to check your beneficiary status, visit the official website and enter your details to get the proper report. The website also provides the users with proper guidelines regarding the same.

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