How To Make Your Facebook Post Shareable

How To Make Your Facebook Post Shareable

To Make Your Facebook Post Shareable, Facebook is not just a social media these days, it has become a more influential market. Sharing content, engaging the audience, and driving more customers for any business.

Almost All people around the globe are on Facebook and there are  2.38 billion monthly, so now think how much potential Facebook has.

However, sharing your Facebook post becomes much easier In 2020.

As this thing in mind, If you want more audience to see your post then it must be like a shareable standard.

But you want your content to be seen by much more people rather than just your friend circle.

You can share your Facebook post in a much simpler way and your post must be reachable to more people.

Then how to do that?

Well, this is a setting you have to change while creating your shareable Facebook post.

Here are some steps for How To Make Your Facebook Post Shareable

1 Create an Amazing engaging post and remember engagement, directly leads to customers.

2. Click on the “What’s in your mind” tab, to create your post.

3. Now, you want to share your content to not only your friends circle but to all people, so to do that just click on the drop-down at the bottom, left to the news feed.

 4. As you can see, the friends option is selected as default, Now change it to public.

It enables the reach to more audiences, and make your post shareable

5. Now, Share it to the world.

This feature helps more users to come on your profile and like your more posts.

But to avoid doing it again for your next posts, You have to change it and make it default.

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How to set Facebook shareable post feature to default.

  • Click on the three dots on the bottom left corner of your cover photo, just beside an activity log.
  • Click on the “timeline setting”, Where you redirect to the Timeline and setting Page.
  • Select the “privacy option” in your left sidebar.
  • Now In “Your Activity” section, the first setting you have “Who can see your Future Post?”, you have to change this setting to “public”, that allows you to share your Facebook post to more people.
  • Click on the edit button, and then again you have a drop-down, just select “public” option from that.

Tip : In the same section you can Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public

If you want some setting like, you want to share only selected people then this option helps to do this.

Now you have enabled all the settings that help you to make your Facebook post shareable.

Facebook has changed its algorithm, and limits the reach in starting, it means when you do post on facebook.

Facebook shows your post to a few hundred people in the beginning.

And Then it analysis your post like, how many people are giving responses on your post, like, Who likes? Share and comment. 

If your post starts getting responses, then facebook expands your reach to even more 1000 people.

So make sure,

Your post must be engaging because Facebook loves engagement.

How can you drive more audiences on your Facebook post?

Before creating any post the first thing you should keep in your mind is what people love?

Which thing attracts them most?

Ok let me tell you

In a case study, it has shown that, Images and videos get more 75% more engagement then text content.

So try to use more images and videos to make your post engaging.

Timing Factor

The best practice to post on Facebook is to analyze the timing, that when most people are online or at what time? when your post gets more shares.

Prepare a Excel sheet and put all the information in that, post description and when to post.

Then You can use an amazing tool that helps to schedule your Facebook posts for the whole week.

And its totally free, Facebook creator, This solves out whole your problem of posting on a specific time. Check out the best timing to post on facebook


Here you have learned How To Make Your Facebook Post Shareable and reach out to many more people rather than only your friends. just change the feed setting from friends to the public, your Facebook post start become shareable. Create engaging content, try to use more images and videos, because Facebook loves more engagement.

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