Free React Dashboard Template & Theme 2022

free React Dashboard Template

Searching for Free React Dashboard Template ?, Then I must tell you, before a while, I was also searching for the same react free dashboard template for my projects, and then after a long, I found Some of the best 5 Free React Dashboard Template.

These templates are open source and highly project adaptable, If you want to create high-quality apps for your clients or yourself then these will work for you much fine.

As these react dashboard template offers the best free elements, that you don’t even need to convert them into pro.

They all stand in the perspective of quality, fast and responsive and state management and UI and UX.

  • 100% Free
  • Quality Coded
  • Fast and Responsive
  • Best UI and UX elements
  • Fully documented

1. Connect Plus

Connect Plus Free React Dashboard Template

Live Demo / Get Here

Slick Design Readable Components, Mobile Responsive with minimum CSS Load, the Best pick for Starting, and Good For collaboration.

  • Color Combination UI
  • Graphs
  • Tables +
  • Form Elements
  • Icons

2. Mosaic Lite

Mosaic Lite Admin dashboard react free

Live Demo / Download

Free Mosaic Lite React Dashboard Template, provides you with animation charts and widgets, forms, data tables, and built with best buttons active effects, better and organized state management, help you to build your clients project effectively.


  • Built with material UI Framework
  • Chart JS
  • Tiles-based user interface
  • Desktop and mobile Responsive

3. MatX

MatX admin React Dashboard free template

Live Demo / Download

One of My most favorite free React Admin template, Elegant design with super simple tiles structure layout, readable fonts with light color Highlighting, Pre-built on Material UI components, Split Code Structure, best in building front end design and layouts for ecommerce.

4. Corona


Live Demo / Download

Easy Customisable, Built on Material design and available in free and premium version both, in the full version you will get more features like advance data table and eCommerce product layouts, including Advance charts, this react admin dashboard template has both dark and light theme.


  • Light and Dark Theme
  • Material design and theme
  • Cross-browser Compatiblity

5. Volt

React Free Admin volt

Live Demo / Download

Volt Admin React Dashboard Template, Built on React js and Bootstrap 5 CSS framework, the best thing about this design is, very simple, elegant design and cold color combination.


I Have shared only the best Free React Dashboard Template that are customisable, best is UI and UX , and best for eCommerce, or any other react JS project, and try to solve many programmers problem.


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