Shareasale Affiliate Program: How to make $1000 Fast

ShareAsale Affiliate Program

Shareasale Affiliate program captures great leads in recent years. Even I was also not very much aware of Shareasale Affiliate program but when I started with this network, the way it works is even better.

Selling someone else product and earn commission on it is what we called an affiliate program.

Shareasale was started by Brian Litleton in the year 2000, The basic idea is to provide a platform for merchants to add their product and let the bloggers or reviewers write about the product and sell it from their blog as an Affiliate.

When a blogger sells any affiliate product, they will earn a decent commission on that.

Shareasale works as an intermediator for both merchants and bloggers.

If you want to sell your product, you can join as a merchant or if you want to sell someone else product, Then just join as a Shareasale Affiliate.

Bloggers basically do write blogs on there personal webspace or websites and earn basic income through displaying ads.

But there are very few ad networks that pay decent money on ads, One of the highest paying ad networks is Google AdSense, and other most of the rest, pay less and keep the big share with themselves.

The ad networks Pays for ad impressions and clicks, if you want to start a blog and earn money from it, just checkout this.

How to start a blog and Earn $5000 per month.”

The bloggers get the second source of income through affiliate marketing.

ShareAsale gives you a strong affiliate network, that pays a high commission on many merchants’ products.

As Their commission rates are high, writers love ShareASale network to earn more passive income.

SO let get started with shareasale

How To start with ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace?

To be get started, let go to shareasale Sign page. As you can see, it gives you two options.

Whether join as merchant or promote merchants’ products on your blog.

But here we focus on the Shareasale affiliate program so, we will cover Merchant part in next section.

To join as an affiliate just click on, “I want to promote this on my website“.

After That it will let you redirect to five stage process page.

at first it asks you to create Your username and password.

Just create it and Complete first step.

Now Let’s, move on to step 2.

Add Primary Affiliate Website

If you want to start affiliate marketing, then you must have your own website, Because it’s the first primary need, that every affiliate program asks for.

And if you don’t know how to setup a website then check this out,

“How to start my own website”.

Try to make your website very attractive because when you apply for any affiliate product, the merchant reviews your website, and if they like only then it will allow you to promote their products.

On the same page, Shareasale asks some questions related to advertisements and promotions. Give them your feedback.

Don’t hesitate, just feel free to give your answers don’t worry it will not make any trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

Now Let’s Move on to third step.

Provide Primary Email address

It’s Time to add your email address, Shareasale gives you two options.

If you have your own business email it will help to get approval a little faster, but in case, your other associate email works very much fine.

I recommend you to go for any email, whichever you like but take care of that, because payments, affiliate product details, and all the important stuff will forward to you on this email address only.

So make sure, write it down somewhere, and please Remember where you have written :-p

Add Contact Details Your Shareasale affiliate network

This process is the same as all other filling personal details, So just filled it out and move towards the next step.

One thing important, at below description box, write something catchy because sometime it will help you get more fast approval.

Setup payment Method For ShareAsale

All Favorite Step, when money comes in frame, Mood always goes into the singing mode. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right now you have to choose later, this we will do it later.

After you follow all the steps, Shareasale sends you a confirmation link on your email, open up your email, and click on the link to confirm.

Now wait for 7-8 hr to be get approved.

All Done Guys Lets starts the Interesting part?

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How to start Earning money from ShareAsale Affiliate program?

This time you have to choose product for your affiliate target.

You have to find a Better product that has a high commission rate and more conversion optimizable.

Means you will get more sales opportunity, and highly convertible.

Right now i don’t want to mislead you, about all sales topic, That we will cover in other section.

Now when login in into your ShareASale account, there is an affiliate dashboard in front of you.

Here you will get to know all your future earnings and all your product performance stats.

Now You want this area to filled with lots of stats so, Lets Move to the next step

Find Money Making products

Shareasale marketplace is full of amazing products, but not all products pay you a high commission.

To find Great Products, You have to look some important key point.

  1. Brand and Product Website
  2. High commision on each sale
  3. EPC, Which is a very important factor, Its means average earnings per hundred clicks.
  4. Product Keywords

Brand and Affiliate Product Website

A brand does half of the work for you If any product has some unique identity or brand value. Then it helps you to generate a trust factor in your Audience.

So make sure Select something brand-able.

Also Check out your product official website, for which you are promoting its product, because afterall, the buyer will redirect to the official website page for purchase.

Many affiliate marketers, do this same mistake and after that they have to drop out the plan.

So just look upon this factor too.

High Commission on each sale

The commission factor is the second most valuable factor, that helps you to earn more money, After all, you are doing an affiliate business.

So try to select, that has a high percentage or give you more money in exchange for your promotions.

Earnings per hundred clicks

EPC stands for average earnings per hundred clicks, this factor helps you to look around the products that help you to generate high sales.

because the most important thing about affiliate marketing is traffic, Actually, everything is traffic.

If you have traffic then you have great chance to convert your Affiliate sales.

Bloggers’ main sources of traffic are SEO and Social media.

And Suppose you getting much traffic, on your ShareASale affiliate links, but the Average conversion rate is much higher.

Then it’s not a worthful product, because you will not be generating many sales per hundred link clicks.

So keep in mind that you have to choose a product that has HIGH EPC value.

and it’s a key note.

Relevant Keyword Product

If your traffic is associated on a specific keyword oriented, Then your affiliate product must be related to that niche audience.

Means suppose you are writing an article on shoes, and you are promoting any tool product or something odd.

Then there is a high chance that your audience will not purchase your promoting product.

Select a product that is highly searchable and your visitors showing an interest.

Because in a study it has shown that search intent will lead you more sales if you are targeting specifically to intentions.

Apply for ShareASale Affiliate Product

Simple step just applies to Join the program, once you decided which product you want to target then go for it.

Click On the Join program button, and wait for the approval.

Once you get your approval start using your affiliate link.

Yo Guys you have started your affiliate marketing journey.

Earn a lot as much as you can, and be an action Doer rather than Just reading this article.


Here you have learned how to start making money with the ShareAsale Affiliate program, Go and sign up to ShareASale, follow all the above steps, once you get approval, Search for profit-making Affiliate Product, Make sure It has High EPC value that will help you to earn more sales revenue on per hundred Clicks. Look at the brand first because trust is the major factor.

BOOM guys, I Hope you like it, feel free to share your ideas on shareAsale Affiliate program.

Please do share ๐Ÿ™‚

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