9 Most Profitable Types of Blogs that Make Money

types of blogs that make money

you want to start a blog and make money, but the question is, what types of blogs that make money?

There are many blogging niches you can start with but, are they profitable to invest time?

Starting a blog is easy, but making money from it is a little tight until you don’t know the correct strategy.

The main reason for running a successful blog is choosing the right profitable niche.

Many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars, but how?

Profitable blog post niches.

I had done some research that helps you to pick your most revenue generated niches.

  • What all successful bloggers are doing?
  • What strategies do they follow?
  • On what niches they are working?
  • How can you able to find your profitable niche?

If you follow the correct strategies, I must tell you that you will also join the thousands of dollar clubs.

Here I have listed some most profitable types of blogs that make money.

Types of blogs that make money

Before choosing a niche, I want to tell you that there are two types of categories, trending niche and long-run niche.

Trending Niche

It states the current trend that is going on.

Think about the daily news, journalists and writers mostly write on the current topics like any event that happened in some recent days or some news that is trending. 

Working on a trend is not a long term idea because it always changes. 

Your main motive is to earn money in your likable niche.

Yes, it’s easy to rank on the trends because it is new to the world, and there will be less competition in starting, but we can not say that it last to some years.

Ok, let me give you an example, suppose, The presidential election will be held next month, so it’s the upcoming trend if you write an article on this topic, most probably you rank but after two to three months, the trend has gone. You lose all the traffic because nobody is searching now.

Long run Niches

The most widely chosen category, Long run Niches, is a money-making strategy.

I’ll tell you how 🙂

Long run content is the content that people search on the internet for a long time like about food dishes, fashion clothes, money-making ideas, pet care products, and many more.

These are the evergreen and long-lasting content because people have some desires to search on it, and they do.

Long run niches are little competitive to rank because they are profitable, and the vast majority of readers are looking for there solutions.

If you start work on the long run niches, then it really starts paying you. 

Below I have shared some of my secrets that help you grow your niche blog, just be with us.

If you want to learn blogging from scratch.

Read- How to start a blog from scratch and make $5128 per month.

Now its time to give a lot of attention to money-making blogging niches or profitable niches.

Here are the 9 most profitable types of blogs that make money

  1. Fashion and lifestyle
  2. Finance and investment
  3. Food Blog
  4. Travel Blogs
  5. Parenting
  6. Craft and designs
  7. Business and Marketing
  8. Make money online
  9. Tech and games

Fashion and lifestyle blog

Fashion is an all-time trend, everybody wants to look kind and smart, even you too. 

Even you also think more than twice to choose what to wear? Does this outfit look okay? What should I wear on this t-shirt, top or jeans? Many questions.

And even women are more curious about their outfits and makeup. 

So fashion is an evergreen trending topic. 

Through your blog, you can suggest your creative ideas and adapting the fashion lifestyle to your readers.

You can promote many fashion accessories and write about how to use them ideally.

Explore your styling Ideas to the world and become a fashion expert.

In starting, it takes time because I already said success doesn’t come in one night.

Do the smart work it will definitely give you the result.

You can monetize your fashion blogs through ads, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, and earn much more money.

Top successful Fashion bloggers

Finance and investment

Money is essential and even more critical, so it is also an evergreen topic.

Everybody is interested in saving and invest money to be more secure.

If you are a financial expert, then this stream of the blog is more money generating for you. 

Just build a community around you and give them your valuable advice on investments, savings, and personal finances.

People need more returns, they always searching for the best output routes.

Personal finance is the revenue generated niche because it is a global topic.

Personal finance monetization methods are affiliate marketing, sponsorships, ads, and online courses.

Top personal finance blogger

financial blogger
  1. Good financial cents, earning more than $100,000 per month.
  2. Get rich slowly, income $20,000 per month.
  3. The simple dollar, income $10,000 per month.

Food Blog

Are you a cooking fan? If yes, then this niche is for you.

Food blogs are always trending, mothers in the home or chefs in the restaurant, or you want to make something special for your guests.

Or there is some unique story behind your special dish. Then it’s totally for you.

You may have seen some food or recipe blogs online. Some many brilliant mothers and chefs want to follow their passion, so they share their recipes with the world.

Most important, most of the world is foody, and there is a vast audience.

Remember making a blog is worthwhile only when you target a broad audience.

Food is a necessity, so its never gonna out-trend ever.

Write about your creativity behind your food journey.

How to make money from food blogs?

Food blogs mostly depend on ads, as there are fewer affiliate products in this niche.

But readers spend more time on food blogs and most traffic-driving sources are Pinterest.

Top Food bloggers

top food types of blogs that make money
  1. Lindsay Ostrom – Pincheofyum.com
    1. Traffic – More than 500k visitors
    2. Monetization – affiliate marketing $10,582, ads $82,400, products $2,000.
  2. MINIMALIST BAKER – minimalist baker, monthly income $10,000.

Travel Blogs

Travelling is also one of the searchable niches on the internet.

And mostly you can relate this from your holidays.

Traveling is a passion that many people want to explore because they want to be free from that hectic schedule life.

Everybody needs holiday even me too :-p

If you love traveling, then explore and research some most beautiful places in the world.

Write about them, narrate your story, bring out some adventures, thrilling, exciting places.

Most of the people want to explore the world, and many want to go to those places where fewer people know.

So do your research, make a plan and start to write.

Highest earning travel bloggers

travel blogger nomadic matt

Matt Kepnes – Nomadic matt, monthly income $50,000.

Johnny Ward – OneStep4ward.com, monthly income $25,000.

Dave & Deb – The planet D, monthly income $15,000- $20,000.


Become a mother and father is the most lovely feeling in this world.

as spider man’s father said, “great power comes great responsibilities” :-p

Yes, newborn babies are a very challenging responsibility.

Parenting is also a very profitable niche on the internet, most likely a mom blogging.

There are many products out there in the market for smallies.

You can write about the benefits and sell through affiliate marketing.

Top parenting types of blogs that make money

swaddles n' Bottles parenting blog

Aly – what moms love, monthly income $30,000.

Caroline – Swaddles n’ bottles, monthly income $9,000.

Jenney – This tinny blue house, monthly income $7000.

Craft and designs

Creating craft is a hobby, but if you are an excellent craft maker or even newbie and have some exciting art-making ideas, then you can start your blog.

Sewing, jewelry making, paper art, and more, you can write about them, engage your audience with your artwork.

It also includes home decoration and home interior design niches. 

A lot of people are waiting for new home decoration ideas and designs.

This niche has a very high searching volume, and you can grab more traffic from Pinterest.

Best Craft and design blogs

DIV craft blogs

Abby – just a girl and her blog, monthly income $41,700.

Jeniffer maker – jennifermaker.com, monthly income $10,000.

Business and Marketing

Highly competitive niche, many young entrepreneurs are curious about starting a business.

They want to learn more about business and marketing skills. 

How to start a business? And How to make money? Are the two most searching queries on the internet.

I think most people are willing to live an independent life. They want to start there own productive business.

And it is among the most profitable niches on the internet.

As this is a highly competitive niche, you have put more effort.

Best business and marketing blogs

business and marketing types of blogs that make money

John Lee Dumas – eofire.com, monthly income $210,291

Pat Flynn – smartpassiveincome.com monthly income $167,553.31

Neil Patel – neilpatel.com monthly income $318,000

Make money online

Its a topic itself, this niche is very famous among youngsters and who wants to earn more money as a side income.

For these blog topics, you have to do little more research.

about what are the money-making sources online, income report,

How to earn passive income?

what is money blogging?

what are affiliate links and affiliate programs? and many more

It is also an evergreen topic, high search volume and most competitive.

Successful Make money online blogs

Harsh Agarwal – shoutmeloud.com, monthly income $40,055

Create and Go – createandgo.com, monthly income $

Kristen – believeinabudget.com income $18,336 per month.

Moz – moz.com income $410,000.

Tech and games

A new smartphone, laptop, iPod, smartwatch, DSLR cameras, and many are excellent sources of profitable tech blog niches.

Its a huge market and little competitive too, but you can earn money by reviewing these gadgets and sell it through your blog as an affiliate program.

Technologies are getting more advance these days. New products are coming, as new opportunities.

Same as for the new thrilling and exciting games.

So this is also one of the types of blogs that make money.

Best tech and games blog

tech and game blog engadget

Engadget – engadget.com $3.95 million per month.

Matthew – truevalhalla, monthly income $17,005.


To start your blog, you can choose any niche, but before choosing, do analysis about your competitors and work smartly, these are the most successful types of blogs that make money. I hope you enjoy reading this article.

Give me a chance to hear your views, and if you want, you can share your niche also, feel free to ask if you have any quires, just do comment. I’ll back to you 🙂


1. What niches are most profitable?

Here are the top 9 types of blogs that make money
Fashion and lifestyle
Finance and investment
Food Blog
Travel Blogs
Craft and designs
Business and Marketing
Make money online
Tech and games

2. How do I start an income-generating blog?

To start a blog with a profitable niche,
1. Pick a domain
2. choose Hosting
3. Install WordPress
4. select a theme
5. write your post.
6. and publish it.

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