What To Do When I Hate My Job? 10 Best Mind Relaxing Solutions

hate my job solutions

You must have heard “I hate my job” at some point or another. The voice could have been of your colleague, your friend, or out of your own head!

Many people hate something or other about their work. People may dislike what they do, or their boss, or the pay that they get. Whatever the reason be, hating your job (jobs are a really big part of your life though) can lead you to stress.

Despite the stress, we usually choose to stay and continue our jobs. This can be because maybe we need the salary, job opportunities are less, we don’t have time to interview for a new job, or we are afraid to leave a settled income source, etc.

This leads us to our main question. Should I leave the job? What should I do? How can I start loving my job again?

10 Solutions for ‘I Hate My Job’ that will probably help you-

1. Take a deep breathe (yes, literally)

I mean it, take a deep breathe and relax your mind to think and understand. It will also clear out your frustration. When anyone claims to hate their job, the side effects can be insomnia, illness, etc. Take a glass of water, drink it, breathe in and breathe out. Forgive your boss for a while because only your mental health matters.

In a situation like this, rushing decisions can be very risky without a proper plan. Sit back and identify the problem. What’s bothering you? Is it the type of work you do? Or it’s just work pressure?

2. Know it’s not just you

Sometimes, we do not get what we expected. It can happen with anyone of us. It is not just you who thinks like that. Don’t let yourself get demoralized at any cost. Similarly, we might get stuck in a job that was not meant for us. Or maybe, the job is not the problem, but your boss and co-workers are.

If you want to go in a completely different field of expertise, there is no point holding onto this job as it’s the core part- the work. But if it’s work pressure, you’ll find it almost everywhere. Think, and identify the problem with an open mind so that you can take further decisions.

3. Try Self Reflection and Understand your Mindset

In order to take right decisions, self reflection is necessary. We rarely ask this question to ourselves, “Is it me?” It is very often we don’t take responsibility for our actions, rather we choose to play the blame game.

It’s easier to find fault in someone else. For once, ask yourself, why do you hate it? Once you know genuinely it’s not you but the environment, you feel better. Mindset is the key. Understand yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and improve them, rather than fixing your mentality about a certain thing.

4. Speak to your Boss

It may not sound easy but it can solve most of the problems. Communication is the key when there comes any problem. It can be true or false that you boss is a jerk, but he too has pressure of work. Maybe, you guys can sit and talk about it. Try to understand each other’s side and show empathy.

Even if you are pissed off from your boss, don’t show it there. It can make things worse. Jot down all the points that you want to discuss prior to the meeting. Talk to your well wishers about it and set a clear frame of mind. If your boss still refuses to change or acts like a jerk, you can always leave.

5. Plan your Solution and next step

“I hate my job.” What exactly? Your next step depends on how well you identify the problem. After you’ve known that you can not do anything in order to like the job again, learn what is actually bothering you.

Is it- You like the job but you don’t like the company you work for? Because if this is the point, you seriously need to switch to another company. Work environment matters a lot for good performance. At least you know, the type of work you do is not the problem. Hence, we will now look for similar expertise job, but this time just somewhere else.

Or it is- You neither like the job, nor the industry? In this case, it is clear that you need to change your profession. The type of work you do doesn’t suit you. Identify the area of your expertise and go for that industry.

6. Expand your knowledge and Skillsets

If you know there is a job that matches your needs, you must have the required skills to apply for that position. Expand your skills and become better. Most of the problems will be solved from here. If you have the caliber, you can apply in any company.

Train yourself well before going for an interview whilst you continue with your previous job. Observe your seniors and especially learn from them. Give time to yourself for self grooming no matter what. Most companies nowadays offer assistance to advance the knowledge of their employees. Most want to help those who wish to further their careers with their company. 

Take advantage, get additional skills, degree, certificates that will help you move to your dream company or position.

7. Look for another job

Now, it’s the right time to look for a new job because you now clearly know what you want and what you do not. Personally, I feel this is the most important step and now as you have developed the required skill set, you are good to go! I know the reality and I know the importance of mental health. Prepare a bomb resume, go for your dream job.

But, don’t get too excited and quit your current job, it’s not a smart move. Look for jobs online and offline. Start a job hunt, quietly and discreetly.  Do keep in mind that it might take a while to find a new position, so be prepared for the long haul.

8. Be careful about what you say, and to whom you say

We all know there is no paucity of crabs out there. Many will appreciate and feel good about your success, whereas many will simply envy you. Don’t broadcast the fact that you’re job searching. Also, don’t tell your boss and co-workers unless you are fully ready to share the news.

Keep the thought of “I hate my job” to yourself as companies check references. They ask about previous employers in interviews, and what you say matters. Do not say bad things about your current company just tell them the problem if they ask. Also, when you get the job, keep the news to yourself and to your loved ones.

9. Resign humbly

Once you get your desired job, give a two week’s notice and work there till you are supposed to. Offer to provide assistance during the transition and don’t let the excitement go to your head. Remain humble.

Also, never criticize your previous job in your new workplace environment. Put your energy in new job and make it your dream project. Keep yourself positive and give your best.

10. Meditation

After all this, I know there is no further step, but this is something you will need your entire life. Mental Health cannot be compromised at any costs. Work pressure will always follow you wherever you’ll go, the key lies in how you handle it. Stress and criticism are inevitable.

Give yourself time. Unplug yourself and let your body recharge every day. Wake up early and do yoga/ meditation. You can learn how to control your mind and thoughts. The effects will be clearly visible on how you start looking at things differently. Keep yourself hydrated and enjoy what you do. You will notice, life will progress effortlessly.


Many of us hate something or other about what we do. We must learn what is the main cause for it. Is it me? Can I be better? Is it the environment? Is it the profession? All these questions get answered when you think with open mind.

Support anyone who feels stressed out. Give it a hear. “Be the change that you want to see.”

Ponder on the points above and avoid ranting “I hate my job”. Whatever you do in your career, do it with all your heart. All the best!

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