Youtube Watermark: How to add on your youtube videos?

A youtube watermark is a feature of youtube that allows its users to add a transparent or solid image at the right bottom corner on their youtube videos.

Basically this brand watermark has two features, one is to show your authority and the second is to increase your subscribers.

When your viewers click on that icon, it will be added to your subscriber’s list.

This is an amazing feature, that YouTube has introduced, which is liked my million of people.

You too can add, your own branding watermark, that I am going to tell you how.

As you can see in this image there is a small icon, at the right bottom corner, this is a youtube watermark.

It looks very professional, which indicates that the creator is showing something interesting or valuable.

Watermark build an authoritative trust to your viewers, which leads to more engagement plus more conversions.

What type of Youtube watermark is best to use?

You can use two types of images one is light transparent and the other is solid.

Watermark creates little distraction when the creator is saying or showing something important usually in the intro.

So, it’s good to have your watermark appear after 15-30 seconds in the beginning.

Youtube say’s

“You can encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel by adding a branding watermark to your videos, often called a custom subscribe button. When you add a watermark, viewers can directly subscribe to your channel if they hover over the watermark when using YouTube on a computer.”

use a transparent logo instead of a solid one because it’s less distracting and viewers can able to concentrate on your words.

More often, “A good engagement is lead by a well intro“.

the plus point is your branding watermark also helps you to convert more subscribers.

Because basically it actually working as a subscribe button.

But there is something important too with a solid one, solid image increases your authority over the Viewers.

The audience feels that the video they are watching is from a good source because the brand signature is here.

So which is good, Transparent watermark or solid one?

Both watermarks have their own advantages, like if you don’t want your readers to not be distracted from your logo then use transparent one.

But for brand value, you want your readers to engage from brand identity then you should try a solid one.

But totally your choice 🙂

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Youtube Subscribe Button

One great use of this button is, to add subscribers, many people even don’t know that the icon is clickable.

Because if there is a Brand image, then it doesn’t resembles like any button and then nobody knows what it will do.

That’s a reason many YouTubers use a youtube watermark subscribe button image, for more conversions.

A case study shows a, 70% increase in the rate of subscribers due to that watermark button.

because when it appears, it looks simple and understandable for the viewer that if they click they can be subscriber.

This strategy helps you to increase in significant growth in your youtube channel.

Create watermark for youtube

If you have a logo that’s fine but if you don’t have then there is tool that help you to create one for you.

Brandcrowd, this tool helps you to create a nice watermark logo for you.

Only you have to Enter your business name, related keyword, and then click on the create logo button, after that it will give you a whole bunch of suggestions.

If you like any, just click on the download button.

watermark dimensions

Yes, it is an important factor, A watermark size will be 150 x 150 pixel, Make your mind with this size before making a logo for your youtube channel.

If you want to use a transparent subscribe button then click here to download.

How to add watermark to your youtube video?

Lets Follow the steps

  1. Go to your Youtube studio by clicking on to your account icon.
  1. After that go to Setting at your left sidebar, a pop up will open.
  1. Then click on the channel, where you will see four options, basic info, Advance setting, Branding, Feature eligibility.
  1. Go to the Branding Option.
  2. A video Watermark option will appear, click the choose image option, and then select your watermark icon.
  1. Now you will three other options, end of the video, custom start time, and Entire video, these options provide flexibility to appear your branding watermark as you want it to display.
  1. Last, just click on the Save button.

All Done, You have set your own YouTube watermark.

Track Your Watermark Performance

Youtube also tracks your brand icon performance, it will show you how your button is getting a response.

When your videos start getting views then after some time you can track your watermark performance.


Here you have learned how to add YouTube watermark to your videos, which helps you to increase your subscribers and increase engagement, either use transparent or solid it’s your choice but works fine to get more views.

So Have you add your own watermark, share your views in the comment section.


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